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  1. “I don’t need drugs, I want to be high on life with an overdose of you.”
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    Kame driving part 2 *~*

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    Today question:
    I am a year one student. I am thinking of join the baseball club but I am afraid that I cannot handle both learning and playing baseball at the same time. Ninomiya San please tell me how do you handle both learning and playing baseball.

    Nino’s answer:
    I also face difficulties with tackling school and work.’ A man cannot chase two horses at one time’ (translate straightly from the video, if you chase two rabbit at one time, eventually you will get none.) At first, you should focus on one thing. You do the other thing when you find some leisure time. Handling two things at once is difficult but you have three-year school time to try. It is not bad to try doing two things at the same time

    I really like his answer

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    This is Ohno Satoshi for you ♥ - Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.04.19

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